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Tori's Yoga: Private & Semi-Private Yoga Classes in New Milford

Private yoga lessons from New Milford Chiropractic clinic Naumov Health a 07646 chiropractor

Tori is passionate about yoga and sees every class as a step toward the ultimate journey. She makes every class an opportunity to honor life itself. In each of her classes you will find time and space to slow down and breathe. She understands the power of intention and how important it is to practice positivity.
These ideals have guided Tori to complete her 200 Hour Teacher Training Certification with Raji Thron and start teaching yoga at a young age. She brings her dreams and yogic journey to her teaching and works to develop innovative classes for everyone.

What to expect

The practice of yoga is the ultimate mind, body, and spirit connection. For centuries, yoga has been the choice for life enhancement in the eastern world. Today, science supports the following health benefits: decreases stress, relieves anxiety and depression, may reduce chronic pain, promotes better sleep, prevents cartilage and joint breakdown, betters bone health, improves balance, and many others.

Your Life Will Love Yoga

Find yourself happier and more connected to the joys of everyday life by practicing self love and connecting to the moment. Learn how to remove negative thoughts and patterns in your life to make room for what you love.

Class prices

Single Private Class: $80/hour
5 Private Classes: $350
10 Private Classes: $650

Single Semi-Private Classes (2 people): $100/hr
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