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My Chiropractic Message

I am a Chiropractor.
I look toward the spine for the cause of Dis-ease.
I acknowledge the body's inborn ability to heal itself.
I understand that our nervous system, transmits the life-force to all our bodily tissues.
I approach the body, mind and spirit as a whole.
I use only my hands to remove nerve interference, which encourages the body to express itself to its' fullest potential.
I am a teacher of life to my patients, yet never claim to be a healer.
I am scientifically educated, yet never claim to be smarter than the body.
I can influence all diseases with the use of only my hands, yet never claim to treat any specifically.
I understand my limits, yet never claim to accept them.
I believe in miracles and in the power that creates them.
I believe in the hope of restoring life, where there was once only death.
I believe that with the same hands that we use to destroy, we can heal.
I am a Chiropractor.

by, Dr. Vic Naumov, DC (c)1998.
The Esoteric Chiropractor

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Meet Dr. Vic Naumov, D.C.

Doctor of Chiropractic
The Esoteric Chiropractor

Dr. Vic Naumov, DC, is Director of the Naumov Health: Chiropractic & Life Enhancement Center located in New Milford, NJ. For almost 20 years, his purpose has been aimed at not just "treating" is Practice Members, but more importantly 'teaching" them how to not only "get well", but to also "stay well" throughout every phase of there lives.

As a husband and proud father of two sons, he is also a graduate of New York Chiropractic College (NYCC) and the author of the ground-breaking book, "Generation SICK" available on

You are Energy in Motion! Your body is an Energy producing machine. It is a Torus Field. When all 7 Chakras (energy centers that live within the spinal column) are balanced, the body CAN Adapt properly to Physical, Chemical and Mental Stressors. Chiropractic care "Nurtures Nature" via the Nervous & Chakra Systems. This is the biggest secret in healthcare!

The purpose of the Chiropractic Adjustment is to Move Energy. An Adjustment is a "reset" that occurs via the spinal joints that directly effects the energy output throughout the entire body via the Chakra System. This spinal correction can result in optimal energy flow, balance and adaptation.

The expression of that proper "Adaptation" is what Dr. Vic defines as HEALTH, leading him to coin the term, The Adaptability Factor(TM).  Solutions are always Simple, but never Easy. Start your Life Enhancement Journey TODAY! Call us 201-265-8688. You Deserve to Be-Your-BEST! There is no better time than NOW!!!!

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What Our Patients Say

Dr. Vic is a true professional. He has helped me greatly over the years. I suffer from neck problems which have decreased since he has been taking care of me. I trust him so much I bring my toddler son to get adjusted as well. Seeing a chiropractor has benefited our overall health and Dr. Vic makes us feel right at home!

Dana P.
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First L.
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First L.
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